About Us

Akl It Multi Services Pvt Ltd is based in Hyderabad, Telangana. Since its inception, we have garnered acclaim and rising exponentially through the ranks amongst our dedicated customer base.

Vendor Selection
We have strict vendor selection procedure to ensure that only the best is procured. All of our vendors are required to meet the following parameters :
  • Years of experience
  • Quality Certifications
  • Financial Stability
  • Top-notch quality management
  • Capability of Timely delivery

We are known for our client-centric approach; hence, every measure is taken to ensure that only the best reaches the end customers. Our quality analysts are highly experienced and pass the products through stringent quality checks till the final delivery.

Packaging and Logistics
We package our assortment of products using high-quality packaging materials in order to ensure there is no risk of a defect affecting the product during storage or transportation. We have a distributor base to ensure timely delivery of our products.


Name of CEO Mr. Naveen Kumar
Nature of Business Supplier & Service Provider