PAN Card Project

We have following plans in our PAN Card Project- Branch Manager (BM) -
  • The Branch Manager fees is Rs.3250/-
  • Per PAN entry the BM will be given Rs.6/- commission.
  • The PAN number will be generated within 4-5 days after successful scanning of the documents.
  • The hard copy of the PAN card will reach the resident's address within minimum 15-20 days.
District Manager (DM) -
  • The District Manager
  • The DM will be given 15 complementary PAN IDs which he can sell in his district only with per ID at Rs.3250/- and this amount will be kept by DM only.
  • DM will be given Rs.150/- for training the BM of new branch opening in his district.
  • DM will get 15% fixed commission on every new branch opening in his district except the complementary IDs.
  • DM will get Rs.0.60/- on each new PAN entry on all the centres in his district.